Can't tell Shifra from a shimsha? Want to know the difference between Ibhesh and Bhaarsh? The glossary of people, places and things is a collection of thumbnail descriptions of all the strange names of Conclave, listed alphabetically.


Underwater Darkness World. A nightmarish mirror image land that exists beneath the world. It is the home of evil spirits and strange beings.

Undying Flame. One honourific given to the ruler of the Empire of Splendour. See also Flame of Heaven.

Unwashed Horde. Name given to an army of dark spirits and underworld creatures led by Lord Three Smoke back in legendary times.

Usk, Sea of. Inland sea on the border of the Khazarate of Vaarta.

Ut'Bharma. Northern province of the Empire of Splendour, known as Mountain Province and Land of Calm. Set in the Throne of Heaven Mountains. Home to warrior priests of the Ibhesh-Yana philosophy.

Utushar. The central province of the Empire of Splendour, made of fertile plains, rolling hills and the remnants of ancient kingdoms.

Vaarta, Khazarate of. Landlocked, isolationist nation with strict religious rulers.

Victory. Name given to lunar months in the calendar of the Empire of Splendour. Each lasts twenty nine days from one dark moon to the next. They are, in order, Victory Over Darkness, Drought, Want, Fear, Passions, Solitude, Toil, Ignorance, Injustice, Pride, Desire and Death.

Vorshee the Thumbless. Lesser Immortal responsible for the creation of the Durdrn. For his temerity he was imprisoned in the mountains of Vorsheeva.

Vorshee, Feet of. Twin mountains in Vorsheeva. Thought to be where the Immortal Vorshee was imprisoned for creating the Durdrn.

Vorsheeva. Peninsula province of the Empire of Splendour. Home to the non-human Durdrn race.

Vugs. Short humanoid creatures that have no obvious intelligence or society, but are capable of following complex orders. Found in many mountainous areas.

Vuul, Followers of. A supposed secret society dedicated to the resurrection of the fallen deity Vuul, a servant of ancient evil.

Wanderers. The four planets that circle in the skies above the world, unattached to the Firmament.

War, Field of. Open parade ground outside Reflected Glory.

Ward of Plentiful Abundance. See Plentiful Abundance, Ward of.

Wasted Lands. Land around the Far Anhui where human settlement was destroyed by a tlaxu invasion. Now only ruins and bandits can be found there. Despite what the name suggests, the lands are actually quite fertile.

Water and Mountains, Path of. Mystical philosophy based upon the teachings of Teshnuvar and Imperial Geomancy. The Path of Water and Mountains teaches sympathetic magic and ritual.

Water Festival. Last day of Victory Over Drought (second lunar month), celebrating when the Celestial Emperor brought water to the lands. In many places, mass river baptisms occur but also common is the construction of water bombs by the young.

Way of Six Energies. See Six Energies, Way of.

"Weekend Bather". Derogatory nickname given to social climbers in the Empire of Splendour. Bathhouses are used by the rich and powerful to conduct business, but a "weekend bather" is one who can only afford to visit once a week and thus is not counted as successful.

Wheels. Game played using Dragon Scales.

Will Magic. Form of magic practised in chaotic areas. The exercise of will power can be enough to produce magical effects.

Wings, Day of. Annual festival in Dronistor where competing teams attempt to build the best glider.

Wise Dragon. Name taken by the monster Black Dragon after he found enlightenment.

Wyrm, Isle of. Legendary land far out near the Boiling Ocean. Here the ancient dragons of old are said to be sealed away by magic wards, but they can sometimes reach into peoples' dreams. Their offspring, such as sea serpents and wyverns, sometimes escape.

Yavennik Heresy. Offshoot of Vaartan religion. Postulates that the Creator can be reached through the ritual of "Devorka".

Yen. Unit of currency in the Empire of Splendour. One Yen will buy a bowl of rice in the city of Llaza. Yen are made from specially coloured and etched glass, and come in a range of denominations:- 1 (green), 20 (red), 100 (blue), 200 (silver) and 1000 (gold).

Yenti. Term for a one yen coin. Literally means "one unit".

Zeiher. City in the Ashoyin Protectorate. Home to the Zeiher Alliance.

Zeiher Alliance. Independent agglomeration of merchants, guilds and mercenary bands based in the city of Zeiher in the Ashoyin Protectorate, founded upon a treaty of mutual defence.

Zinuk-Zatim. Term given by the Yavennik Heresy of Vaarta to the corporeal universe. Literally means "The Gap in God".