The City of Blue Jays
The City of Blue Jays is the administrative centre of the Nome of Farseeing, the most easterly area still under full Empire rule. It is the last major population centre before reaching the hinterland of Llaza and as such is seen as the bulkward against possible subversive and revolutionary incursions by the Anhuin states. It is also viewed by those within the Empire as the last bastion of civilization before reaching the "wilds" of the rebellious states.
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Behind the Scenes

The Palace of Jade. As painted by Ashenkajur, Received Wisdom 32.
The general population is pretty much an equal mix of Ashara and Anhuin. It is a fairly typical area, mainly agricultural with a speciality in silk producing. The majority of the population is relatively happy under the Empire with only a small underground movement made up of mostly hotheads and those who feel hard done by the Empire.

The local government is headed by Magister of Noon and Jade Malandrapin. Of pure Ashara blood his family have been involved in local government for many generations. The local military contingent is led by General Chaltekan, a dedicated and able, if not particularly imaginative, commander.

Being on the border there is quite a large military presence, but there has been little trouble since the wars of independence - the Anhuin states having little interest in annoying the Empire now that they have achieved their goals. The army therefore is growing lazy and complacent. However it is still an important buffer zone which is why General Chaltekan was assigned, his loyalty to the Undying Flame is unquestionable.