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The Anhui River runs down to the Sea of Deep Wisdom from the Throne of Heaven Mountains, carving a great trade artery into the land. Home to the Anhui people from whence it gets its name, the Anhui region was once under Imperial rule but has, piece by piece, asserted its independence.

The geography of the Anhui region is varied, as is the governmental style used following the overthrow of the Empire. From the Magistracy of Nirhamsa in the north, down to the independent city state of Llaza in the south, Anhui is a colourful mixture of Imperial tradition and vibrant originality.

The Empire of Splendour
Ashoyin Protectorate
Magistracy of Nirhamsa
The Plains of Pesh
Tibra's Crossing
Beltavia Keep
The Wasted Lands
Fnoi Province
Imperial Provinces
Places of Interest
Way of Life
Near and Far Anhui
Anhui is divided into two regions by the Three Mountain Sisters. The river basin on the western side of the mountains, bordering Utushar, is referred to as Near Anhui whereas that on the eastern side of the mountains, bordering the Tlaxu Steppe, is Far Anhui.