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The Wasted Lands
The settlements that used to exist in this region of the Outer Anhui were devastated during the Tlaxu wars, and it has never really recovered. Now only a few isolated fortified villages survive to service the infrequent caravans north to Beltavia and Tibra's Crossing. Beltavia cannot afford to protect it properly with no one authority to pay for the mercenaries and the Ashoyin are too busy dealing with internal problems. The Merchants League pay mercenary groups for regular patrols and small garrisons to protect those few villages that remain.

Despite the name, the area is rich agricultural land, and there is the potential for a thriving community. If somebody could wipe out the bandits, protect it properly from the Tlaxu and get rid of the bad associations of the massacres that took place there, the Wasted Lands could become prosperous again. Beltavia are beginning to re-colonise the northern section but their resources are small. Factions in Ashoyin and Nyerdhan are interested in extending their influence but both currently are concentrating too much on domestic affairs to look beyond their borders.

Anhui States
Ashoyin Protectorate
Beltavia Keep
Merchants League
The Wasted Lands are full of old ruins - some are old Imperial settlements destroyed in the Tlaxu invasion just over a century ago. Others are older, more mysterious ruins harkening back to a distant age.

Many of these places have been taken over by bandit gangs who raid caravans, and sometimes venture into Nyerdhan and Ashoyin. One of the largest groups are the notorious Bandits of Dailat and their "queen" Gemara. This group, at least, has a reputation for mercy.

Other groups include raiding parties of Tlaxu, and occasionally one of the paramilitary forces of Ashoyin will hide out here after being on the losing side of a recent battle.