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An overview of the world of Conclave, its metaphysical geography, nations and peoples, designed as a taster for newcomers.
Empire of Splendour The Empire of Splendour
The Empire of Splendour is one of the oldest and most influential civilisations of Conclave. Herein can be found detailed information about the gods, government and way of life of this ancient and decaying nation.
Salsham'ai The Salsham'ai
The Salsham'ai, also called Tree Folk, are a former vassal nation of the Empire. They have a rich and thriving culture.
Llaza The City State of Llaza
The vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Llaza is home to the powerful Merchant's League, successors to the Empire.
Empire of Fon The Empire of Fon
An island state independent of the Empire of Splendour. The citizens of Fon prize magical ability highly, and life is shaped by the ecology of Sickle Root and the Dar Flies.
The Tlaxu The Tlaxu
The borderlands of the Empire of Splendour are home to several varieties of a dangerous cat-like race known as the Tlaxu.
The Denra-Lyr The Denra-Lyr
The Denra-Lyr are a culture caught in conflict between those who embrace the ways of the Empire, and the traditionalist tribes who cling to the old ways.
The Khazarate of Vaarta The Khazarate of Vaarta
A vast xenophobic nation across the Tlaxu Steppes from the Empire, Vaarta is ruled by an uncaring elite and a harsh, patriarchal monotheist religion.
The Southern Seas The Southern Seas
From Oksa in the north down to far Corapeti, the Necklace of Plenty archipelago forms a link between many disparate island nations south of the Empire of Splendour.
The Moa Ruaki The Moa Ruaki
The People of Ruaki are sea-going nomads, travelling the world in their fleet-tribes of catamarans and outriggers.
Obrenaja Obrenaja
The Obrenaj are a freedom-loving people with ties to the wind and the sun, a fondness for song and a lust for life.
The Journal of Rishta Vallans

Created 2000.

Last updated 4th September 2002.