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The Necklace of Plenty

This is the poetic name given to a vast archipelago that stretches southwards in a crescent from the tip of Vorsheeva, curving out to the west and back to the east. At its far southern end are the islands of Corapeti, the northern tip is dominated by Oksa, and the Tuuma Strait cuts roughly across the middle.

Many of the islands have indigenous life, but many of them have also been settled by the Empire (or more recently, the League). The regional names give some idea of why the islands were settled - The Gold Islands, The Spice Islands, The Ivory Islands and so on. In size, climate and inhabitation, the islands vary wildly.

Passage through the Necklace has always been hotly contested, one of the reasons that the Empire fought so hard to retain Oksa, since this land guards the vital northern passage through the Necklace. Beyond the Necklace are lands like Or, Kam Ultdour, Obrenaja and Fon, all important and specific sources of rare materials. The Tuuma Strait is now home to the infamous Tuuma Cormayr band of pirates, who arose with the collapse if Imperial strength. The Merchants League currently seeks to exterminate these pirates.


Merchants League
Empire of Fon
Kam Ultdour Obrenaja Tas-Nabrenor