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At the southern tip of the Necklace of Plenty lies the island of Corapeti, the largest in an archipelago of the same name. The islands range from rocks a few metres across (and home only to sea birds) to Corapeti Island forty miles long by fifteen wide at its extremes. The larger islands are lush and verdant, covered with tropical vegetation. Human colonisation is a relatively recent event. Corapeti Island rises to a tall mountain spine on its western side, and the eastern land slopes down in a gentle escarpment to the sea. Cutting across this land are deep gullies and ridges running east-west, and some gullies are so deep that the bottom sees no daylight.

The First Settlers and The Wall
Corapeti Island was settled just over one hundred years ago by settlers from the Empire who wished to escape from what they saw as the decadent trappings of civilisation. These were simple, honest agrarian folk with an ethic of hard work and community based upon the teachings of Divine Manrupashnar. The settlers soon discovered the vast cyclopean ruins of an ancient civilisation. A wall nearly four hundred meters high cuts the southern quarter of the island off from the rest. This southern region had been tamed, the land carved into enormous terraces each two hundred meters above the one below, but no sign of houses or any other such structure existed, nor who these mysterious architects were. The Corapetii, as they called themselves, took to farming the terraces and, after the few expeditions beyond The Wall failed to return, remained confined to the southern tip of Corapeti in their town named Harmony.

Recent Settlement
In the last twenty years or so, new settlers have arrived, spurred on by the Merchants League and the discovery that the mountains were a rich source of vugs. These newcomers thought the Corapetii to be simple, in-bred idiots and soon exploited the gentle settlers' innocent way of life. Expeditions have crossed The Wall and survived, bringing back vugs and tales of creatures of gigantic size. There are rumours of a mysterious reptilian spirit-people living beyond the Wall.

The Corapetii's old settlement of Harmony now finds itself the unwilling neighbour of several traders' stockades. Many of the other larger Corapeti islands have a League presence too, extracting the heretofore untapped riches. Although the stockades are independent entities, each representing a particular merchant family or company, it is whispered that a shadowy underworld figure known only as "Father Camaya" is running affairs for his own purpose. It is a matter of much speculation who the real face behind Father Camaya is.


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