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About Obrenaja
The Obrenaj could be described as secular social savannah folk. They are a highly social, sophisticated race of natural born runners, with well-developed sciences (particularly medicine), some of them bordering into magic (voice arts, stasis surgery) but very little true magic (imbued items). They share an affinity to wind and sun and wide open spaces, and a vibrant taste of savoir-vivre.

Obrenaja is a federal republic with five hierarchic levels of organisation: Nation, province, county, town, locom. Each level is governed by a council of representatives elected by the next lower level. The locom (local community) is the Obrenje equivalent of a family. The nation is often simply referred to as the Society.

Religion, Science and Magic
The Obrenaj aren't too spiritual a people. They do have an old religious tradition about an ever-young Goddess of Life named Mali, but nowadays the old texts are sinking into myth, more and more regarded as colourful metaphors and allegories. Contemporary Obrenje belief is pretty much centered around social spirit and ethics, comparable to Humanism.

The Obrenaj are fond of security, having dedicated the greater part of their sciences, including marginally magical ones, to defense and healing.

Way of Life
Being very social people by nature, the Obrenaj prefer to spend their free time together, such as on parties, in team sports, orchestras, choirs etc, or simply on a mind-freeing jogging trip.

Compared to the other human races, the Obrenaj have metabolic or anatomic differences that enhance their ability to run fast and enduringly; not as fast as an antelope, of course, but distinctly faster than the average human.

Places of Interest
The grasslands of Sin ur Pelve and Omwa Mir, to the mountains of Viskatro, Obrenaja covers a wide range of geography.

Religion, Science and Magic
Way of Life
Places of Interest

What my father told me. A personal view of Obrenje culture.

Who are you?
I am Sivan Elori ur Pazhnatoj, one of the caretakers for this locom.

Who are we?
We are part of the sophisticated and higly social Society that has prospered in this country of rolling golden grasslands and majestic mountains since the earliest of ages. We share a bond with sun, wind and open spaces. The spirit of the land flows in our veins. We are the free people of Obrenaja,

What makes us great?
Our joy of life is legendary. When we run, we meld with the wind, and our hearts soar in the sky. Our feet are made for flying, our hands for crafting, our voices for singing, our lips for kissing.

The Society is the highest known form of culture. While elsewhere people only struggle for their own goals, trampling their next of kin and interfering with each other, we care for each other, striving together for the good of all.

What is the difference between men and women?
As Kovimbra, one of our greatest thinkers, once said: It is variety that makes a society strong. How bland would a choir with only one voice register sound! The duality of genders is a touch of spicein our micture of skills and abilities. The differences are subtle and often deceiving; judge not a person by their gender. Pretty Lari of the Daslue locom wields the weighted chain like no man I've ever met.

While the differences between men and women may seem trivial to you, they play crucial roles in sex and love, and shall soon grow in importance to you when you come of age.

Where do we live?
Pazhnatoj is a locom affiliated with the town of Garanod, situated on the banks of the Celle and looking out onto a generous estate of grain fields. Garanod offers a vivid and colourful market, fine trade opportunities reaching us as far as Sabrinku and Vetsabesh, and plenty of cultural and social meeting places such as the performance hall and the bath-house.

Our locom comprises some 80 individuals and a dozen buildings loosely arranged around the central hall where we enjoy our communal meals, celebrations and singing evenings.