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Tas Nabrenor
Once, the name of Tas-Nabrenor would fill the heart of even the most hardened criminal with fear. Discovered a quarter of a millenium ago by the noted explorer Jevri Lancehold, Tas-Nabrenor is a volcanic island far to the west of the Necklace of Plenty in an area of sea that was thought to be completely void of land.

Lancehold explored for no more than three nights, or one week (accounts are varied) and during this time four men and countless pieces of equipment went missing. The island was declared haunted, uninhabitable, and to be stricken from the maps (although this latter order was never carried out).

Three years later the Empire declared their intentions to build a prison colony on this small island, and over the next ten years or so the prison grew as dangerous or embarrassing prisoners were deported and left pretty much to their own devices on the Immortal-forsaken island. The prison was built on the southwestern part of the main island of Tas-Nabrenor, as far as possible from a mysterious stone circle discovered in the north-east. The island's largest volcano, Mount Kalo, was evidently still active but no-one worried overmuch if a bunch of criminals were engulfed in lava.

Reports of ghosts and disappearances were abundant during this time, and exploration of the interior of the island only served to spur on tales of forest spirits that could become as the trees and rocks. One thing that was discovered, however, was a vein of silver. The number of wardens was increased as prisoners were forced to work the silver mines for the Empire.

Time passed, the silver supply dwindled, the Empire dwindled and all but forgot about Tas Nabrenor, except as a metaphor for a far-off place of exile. The descendants of the prisoners and the wardens became a small colony, and would have eventually died away altogether had it not been for Paradise.

Paradise started life as a village across the Lancehold Strait from the town of Prison. A stop-over and hideout for pirates, it grew into a lawless place with its own support mechanism of farmers and fishers, and over time the people of Prison and Paradise intermingled.

Forty years ago the Prison Mines happened across a strange silvery ore that came to be known as deusor or "Dragon's Blood". Shiny like silver, flexible yet robust, with magical properties, the discovery of deusor brought new prosperity to Tas-Nabrenor as pirates turned trader to sell it to the Merchant's League. The remote nature of Tas-Nabrenor meant that, although hungry for the product, the League preferred to use the existing resources to extract it, and grudgingly paid the exorbitant prices charged by the Tas-Nabroni.

Today the Prison Colony of Tas-Nabrenor is known for the fine metals they extract and export. Paradise is known for unchecked debauchery, lawlessness, and a large population of escaped, 'reformed', and unaccounted for criminals, lowlifes, and undesirables. The volcanoes have been quietly smoking and the monoliths unmoving. The tales of jungle and mountain spirits still pop up from time to time, but both Prison and Paradise often blame strange occurrence on the more unsavory nature of their inhabitants. There are rumours, however, that these spirits gather their power from a gigantic glowing statue deep within the jungle. This statue is composed entirely of silver, deusor, and gemstones and would be worth a nearly limitless fortune.


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