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Khazarate of Vaarta
The Khazarate of Vaarta is an isolationist and monotheistic civilisation that was never conquered by the Empire despite an attempt at invasion.

The inner mountainous regions closest to the glacier are cold with long winters and vast tracts of virgin forest and mineral resources. The outer regions are the breadbasket of the nation, warmer but still experiencing bitter winters. The economy is fairly simple, with most of the population in keeps and surrounding villages. The only thing approaching a city is the settlement that has built up around Novomsk the keep of the Khazar. Foreigners are rare except in Novomsk where they come to trade; religious differences makes them unwelcome elsewhere.

Vaarta is a feudal society ruled by a Khazar. His immediate vassals are the Kizen and then the Boyars. It is a largely rural society with serfs bound to the land and living in villages close to the local lord's keep for protection.

They have a conservative, monotheistic religion to contrast all the other polytheistic ones. This is their prime reason for an isolationist attitude to most foreigners.
They believe that God had two sons, Kebel and Markam, Markam is destined to be the saviour of the world, to smite the unrighteous and to lift up his devoted followers to heaven and eternal life. Kebel is the Tester, the Wicked One, the Tempter - sent to expose the evil inherent in mankind, to lead the unrighteous to their doom, to test the righteous in their faith, he must be constantly fought.

Way of Life
Serfs of course do not hold property, they are bound to the land but cannot be bought and sold individually. Illiteracy is high among them but not in the upper classes.

Places of Interest
The capital of Novomsk is one of the few areas seen by outsiders. Nearby stands the fortified religious headquarters of Medinavic. Much of the border between Vaarta and the Tlaxu Steppe is guarded by the massive inland Sea of Usk

Vaarta Government
Vaarta Religion
Way of Life
Places of Interest

What my father told me. A personal view of Vaartan culture.

Who are you?
I am Gorgyi Denarovic, Captain of the Boyar's Hetmen.

Who are we?
We are loyal soldiers of the Boyar, Hetman cavalry devoted to our lord. We are citizens of our great and noble mother country, Vaarta.

What makes us great?
Our land is ancient, our ways have been handed down from father to son for centuries. We are the greatest horsemen in the world, proud warriors, strong and bold. Our God is with us and our sabers are sharp.

What is the difference between men and women?
It is a woman's duty to look after her husband and his house. It is a man's duty to protect his mother country, to direct those beneath him and to serve God. Women are weaker than men, and their souls are not as pure, but it is our duty as men to give them guidance and to pity them for their innate faults.

Where do we live?
We live in the halls of our Boyar, within the walls of the strong Evronski Keep. The Hetmen's Hall is next door to the great-spired church, our own humble building seems small by comparison to the glory of God. We have family quarters, but soon you will move into the barracks where you will live with your comrades in arms until you find a good woman to marry.