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About the Denra-Lyr
"Denra-Lyr" translates as "People of Lyr", "People of God" or "Blessed People". It is a term used by the human neighbours of the Salsham'ai to describe themselves and their lands, although they are usually erroneously termed the Denralians. The lands of Denra-Lyr lie in a bowl valley rimmed with mountains, to the north of the Salsham'ai forests. There is considerable difference between the northern lowland tribes, who have taken up much of Imperial culture, and the southern highland tribes who still follow traditional values.

Denra-Lyr is divided up into five tribal kingdoms, each ruled autonomously by its king. One of the five kings acts as High King to rule over all the tribes. Traditionally this role was chosen by popular choice from amongst the kings every seven years, but for four generations now it has been in the hands of the same family, who have changed the laws to allow primogeniture. The nature of kingship varies between the tribes, with the most traditionalist still sacrificing their king after seven years of rule.

According to Denra-Lyr cosmology, the universe was formed when the Great Dragon Lyr (or One) split itself into parts. Its body formed the Earth Dragon, its blood the Sea Dragon and its mind the Celestial Dragon. Each of these parts was in fact one whole made up of male and female halves, and each of these halves were made up of light and dark to form the twelve gods of the Denra-Lyr pantheon. The sacred storytellers of Denra-Lyr, the Brioca, also keep the Sagas, epic tales of heroism amongst mortals.

Way of Life
The Denra-Lyr are a settled, agricultural society on the whole. In the more traditionalist tribes, the tendency is towards small-scale, self-sufficient and generalist farming. It is only in the city-dwelling tribes that one finds farmers specialising in only one or two types of produce. Denralia is quite rich in minerals, and the Denra-Lyr mine copper, tin, gold and iron.

Dualism features heavily in Denralian culture. Men and women are considered two halves of one whole. Marriage is celebrated as a re-joining of sundered halves. Both sexes are considered equal but different. They are both considered capable of performing the same tasks, but in different ways. It is thought that women are more cerebral - both logical and intuitive, and will solve problems through brain power. Men, on the other hand, are more straight-forward and physical.

Places of Interest
Aldith is the capital city, built along Imperial lines. Most of Denra-Lyr civilisation follows the banks of the great river Ar-Avon, where one may find the Sacred Pools and the High Moor. Also of note are the mountain passes that connect Denra-Lyr to the Salsham'ai braashak forest.

Way of Life
Places of Interest

What my father told me. A personal view of Denra-Lyr culture.

Who are you?
I am Thurvinder, proud warrior in the service of the king.

Who are we?
We are the Denra-Lyr, the People of the Dragon. Our tribe is the tribe of Avendahl, the middle people.

What makes us great?
We are descendants of those who came with Mann, son of Bran and Lor. Our people are the only line of the Denra-Lyr to have survived the dectruction of the Land of Tears. Our ancestors fought the Mist Giants and the terrible servants of Dalgin.

What is the difference between men and women?
Women like to think about things more, whereas we prefer action. A woman will consider all the options, and choose a course by weighing up the odds, whereas men will tackle a problem head-on. Sometimes the direct approach is better, sometimes it isn't. Half the fun in life is finding out which way to follow.

Where do we live?
We live in the town of Venarbor, on the banks of the Ar-Aven and below the High Moor. Venarbor is the main town in the kingdom of Avendahl.