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Who are you?
I am Thurvinder, proud warrior in the service of the king.

Who are we?
We are the Denra-Lyr, the People of the Dragon. Our tribe is the tribe of Avendahl, the middle people.

What makes us great?
We are descendants of those who came with Mann, son of Bran and Lor. Our people are the only line of the Denra-Lyr to have survived the destruction of the Land of Tears. Our ancestors fought the Mist Giants and the terrible servants of Dalgin.

What is the difference between men and women?
Women like to think about things more, whereas we prefer action. A woman will consider all the options, and choose a course by weighing up the odds, whereas men will tackle a problem head-on. Sometimes the direct approach is better, sometimes it isn't. Half the fun in life is arguing with the women over which way is better!

Where do we live?
We live in the town of Venarbor, on the banks of the Ar-Aven and below the High Moor. Venarbor is the main town in the kingdom of Avendahl.

How do we live?
We live according to our wishes, although sometimes there isn't always the money to manage that. I provide protection for the town along with the other warriors, and we owe our loyalty to the royal couple just as they do to us. Your mother keeps house, and grows herbs and raises chickens on our plot of land, which she sells at the market place. Your sister helps her on market day, and soon you will be able to also.

Me and your uncle built this house ourselves, although the rest of the family helped cut the wood and carry it here. Your grandpa kept telling us how he would have done it. Your aunts sewed the curtains and made the bedspreads. We all chip in to help the family when we can.

What is my lot in life?
A Denra-Lyr makes of his or her-self what they will. Perhaps you will want to become a warrior like your dad. It's not a bad life I can tell you, and we never have to deal with anything too serious. I know you have a fondness for the old stories so who knows? If you train your voice maybe the college of Briona will take you on. There's even the outside chance that the Lords Council will choose you to be king.

Who rules us?
King Duenbith and Queen Lensira are our current rulers. They were selected six years ago by the Lords Council, and so far they have served the people well. Maybe they will be chosen for another seven years come the step-down next year? The High King in Aldith is said to rule over all the tribes, but that position is no longer an honourable one, held by puppet rulers and men chosen through bribery and nepotism, and the position of queen has been reduced to little more than a whore. One day, maybe, we will see a worthy king and queen take up the burden of High Kingship.

What makes a person great?
Honesty, wisdom, courage. A true Denra-Lyr must put the tribe first and himself second. In the old days the kings were required to prove this by laying down their lives for the tribe, but we no longer do this as it meant that the best rulers only lasted seven years. But it is something that must be borne in mind. Always remember that we are all just parts of the Great Dragon, and what affects one person affects another.

What is evil?
All things are part of the Great Dragon, including light and dark. Thus there are scary and unpleasant things in the world, like Gesvan the Wild Hunter, but they are all part of the same whole. We must remember, however, not to become consumed by that side of us. Without the light to balance out the dark we lose ourselves.

How do we deal with others?
You can always trust another member of the Avendahl tribe, as we are all brothers and sisters together. The other tribes of the Denra-Lyr are all more or less trustworthy, but be on your guard as their ways may not be the same as ours. If you ever meet the tree-folk, you will find that they are polite and gentle but do not underestimate them in a fight. They do not threaten us, however, so they are our friends. Beware those who have fallen into Imperial ways. They may mean well, but their teachings destroy the balance by seeking to deny the darkness. Ignoring the dark side of life is tempting but dangerous.

Who are our enemies?
We are held between the Ar-Breval tribe who like to fight without provocation, and the Calewyn tribe who are little more than Imperial lackeys. Although the Empire left long ago, the Calewyn continue to spread their dangerous ideas. Both are Denra-Lyr and so both are kin to us, but both tribes do not remember this as often as we do.

Who are our gods?
Lyr, the Great Dragon, is in all things but he broke himself down and divested himself into the twelve gods so that mankind could be closer to him. Of all the gods, those most precious to us are Kathlar, Lord of The Forest; Isira Alm, Goddess of Plenty and Tyannah, Goddess of Joy.

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