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The Tlaxu are a humanoid, cat-like race found scattered across the world of Conclave. Tlaxu stand around 6ft tall, and are, on average, taller and slightly heavier than an average human. Most of their bulk comes from muscle. Tlaxu hands have three spatulate fingers and an opposable thumb. There are hard pads of skin on the heel of the hand, and on the fingertips (thus Tlaxu have poorer touch sense than humans). They have retractable claws. Tlaxu feet are similar, with three wide toes. Their sense of vision is more acute than that of humans, and they are able to see partially into the spirit world.

In the regions bordering the Empire of Splendour, two Tlaxu cultures can be found. Although physically different, they are the same species and can interbreed successfully. Due to cultural differences and imperatives, such interbreeding is highly unlikely however.

Mountain Tlaxu are solitary hunters that live deep in the Throne of Heaven and Anusheng Mountains. Their society is primitive and they have little contact with humans.

Plains Tlaxu live in the steppes beyond the Three Sisters Mountains and Far Anhui. They are nomadic tribal hunters, with clans held together by incestuous polygamous marriage laws. Females outnumber the males by four to one. They have little material wealth, but more than their mountain cousins.

Other Tlaxu
Explorer's tales speak of other races of Tlaxu living in far off lands. On the far side of the Inner Continent there is said to lie the land of Mopendor, home to a Queendom of civilised yet cruel black-furred Tlaxu.

Other stories tell of small jungle dwelling "catlings" that may be a Tlaxu offshoot as well.

Whether or not there is any truth in these tales is a matter of debate...and discovery.