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Frog Salt
Traditional imperial houses have a small indented ledge with a lid, often in the shape of, or decorated with, a frog, situated on the right beside the main entrance. This represents Glass Frog, and contains salt. It is the custom, when entering a house, either your own or someone else's, to take a pinch and scatter it on the ground just before the door. This is to prevent evil spirits entering with you, and is has its origins in Imperial magic which often uses salt in its ceremonies as a boundary/guardian marker.

Wealthier households will have more ornate ledges, perhaps with attached metal spoons so that one doesn't get one's fingers covered in salt, and the one at the Imperial palace has to be seen to be believed. Really extravagent households might mix the salt with precious spices or flakes of gold for a special occasion.

On public buildings, while the frog salt is present, it is not the custom for everyone who enters to scatter a pinch. Usually a daily ceremony will be performed by the janitorial staff on behalf of all visitors. Similarly with shops and commercial premises the owner would conduct a daily ceremony on everyone's behalf. Indeed being entrusted with the salt ceremony is a mark of esteem for a trusted employee or assistant.