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The Green Dragon
The Green Dragon is a weekly information broad-sheet printed by Gorshan Press on Broadway, Llaza. It is not a newspaper as such, more a combination court circular, small ads and almanac.

Printed as a poster on a sheet of paper roughly three feet by two, beneath the masthead is densely packed print divided up into type-set columns but otherwise lacking in any particular order. Council and League official announcements come first, and tidal details are printed at the end. Everything in between is whatever anyone is willing to pay to be printed - adverts for services for hire or wanted, secret messages between paramours or conspirators, even poems and short stories.

The Green Dragon is distributed weekly throughout Llaza and posted in various public places (the Plaza, Fermi's Emporium and so on). This is done freely - the profits come from fees paid by those who provide the material to print.

Gorshan Press
The technology behind the printing press has been around for about twenty years in Llaza and thereabouts, but Gorshan Press are the only printers to use movable type. They are also one of the oldest printers in Llaza, and they have a lucrative government contract this makes them relatively large and respectable.

As well as the Dragon, Gorshan Press prints leaflets and posters for private concerns. Gorshan Press is one of the few printing companies that prints books, albeit slowly. Most of the other presses don't bother because books tie up resources for too long and aren't really profitable.

People of Gorshan Press
Gorshan Press is owned by an eccentric patron named Gorshan Reniq Astavar. Gorshan lives in one of the island palazzi that surround the main islands of Llaza - his is isolated from any neighbouring isles. He is a recluse, admitting few people to his island and even going so far as to have a household staff composed almost entirely of vugs. Many strange rumours circulate about him, but he is a generous man as the Gorshan Wing of the Collegium Arketium testifies, as well as many other charitable works. He has little interest in politics or the other powerplay that goes on in Llaza.

Gorshan's main plenipotentiary, and one of the few people to have met him, is a woman called Ranasha Qin. Ranasha runs the Press in Gorshan's name and will never give away details of her employer. She is fiercely loyal to Gorshan, but friendly and personable otherwise.

Other broadsheets
The Green Dragon doesn't provide "news" as such, apart from the court announcements, but there are other papers printed by other presses that serve different, if less practical, purposes.

The Pink Slipper is a salacious gossip rag published by an anonymous source known as "The Whisperer". It is full of thinly disguised references to the private lives of important people in Llaza, most of which are dismissed as lies and slander. It has a strong satirical leaning.

The Red Banner Manifesto is a propaganda sheet distributed by the Citizen's Association of the same name. The Red Banner Association is made up of those with liberal, even radical political and social views, usually from the lower classes and the intelligentsia. Their ideals include the redistribution of wealth, worker's rights, communal responsibility and the brotherhood of man. Suspected of having links with the much more radical and secretive group called The Red Sword which has committed several acts of terrorism in recent years.

Printers and Society
Because of publications like the Pink Slipper and the Red Banner Manifesto, the government of Llaza is worried about the influence of the printing presses. All legitimate printers are registered (like Gorshan Press) and possession of unlicensed printing equipment is punishable by confiscation of property and a public beating.

Furthermore, those who make their living as scribes feel their livelihood threatened by the printing presses. So far, since they provide a cheaper service, scribes are able to continue writing letters and sutras for people, but an action body calling itself the Nine Brushes Company (after the nine brush sizes commonly used in Imperial script) has been set up to discuss the ongoing threat of the printing press.