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Kunubara (Oksan Dance-Poetry).
Kunubara is an art form that originated in Oksa and was adopted by the Empire. It is a type of dance where each move represents a concept, thus allowing it to work on two levels. As well as the pure aesthetics of the movements, each dance can tell a story if the audience understands the vocabulary.

The Empire took what was an informal style with many regional varients, and established the Imperial College of Kunubara. The "accepted" moves were then set down and the style became formalised.

The most famous performer of all was Shifra. As a writer-choreographer, he pushed the boundaries of the Imperial rules, creating many complex and unforgettable pieces based upon historical and mythological themes. There has been a trend recently in places like Llaza for an interpreter to sing or chant the story along with the dancers. This is considered an abased form by connoisseurs, but it has opened up kunubara (and especially the stories of Shifra) to the common folk.