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The Shadow Lark
The Shadow Lark is a swift five masted junk with bright red sails, a well known sight in Llaza. Her captain is Master Ying Woo.

Born in the City of 10,000 Ships from a well-to-do family he ran away to sea in his mid-teens. He's been a smuggler, a pirate, a naval officer, a pearl diver and countless other professions over the years. Formerly the second in command, he took possession of the Shadow Lark after her captain was killed in an argument over a card game seven years ago.

Since then he's officially described himself as a merchant, and has taken out membership in the League. However he's not adverse to making some extra money in a less legal manner. There are rumours that some of his passengers have ended up at the bottom of the ocean or that if he comes across a fellow leaguer in distress he's not above "salvaging" their cargo and disposing of any witnesses. However there are few who can compare to him as a sailor and his bravery is never questioned. He is often entrusted with delicate missions, and can usually be trusted to carry them out without doublecrossing anyone - if you've paid him enough.

Woo is 40ish, 5'10" and well muscled, his skin swarthy from the years at sea, he wears a neat goatee beard but shaves his head. His roguish grin and green eyes means he is quite attractive which he enjoys taking advantage of. He usually wears red breeches and a black silk shirt open to the waist and a black scarf tied around his head. He wears a dark jade ring inscribed with a lark and his cutlass is never far from his side.

His crew are extremely loyal and would follow him off the ends of the earth if he asked it. The most prominent of them are Tara-Ki, his Moa-Ruakan first mate, and Kop, a Gloppy, whom Woo saved from torture and death. Tara is as tall as he is wide, all of it muscle, his body is covered in complex tattoos and decorative scars, an outcast from his own people. Kop was captured by slavers, who intended merely to torture him for their own amusement. His crest ridge is mutilated and he bears many scars as well. They are Woo's greatest friends.

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The PBeM Game
The Voyage of the Shadow Lark is the first Play By e-Mail game using the world of the Creative Conclave. All players are the crew of the Shadow Lark, a varied bunch from all around the known world. If you'd like to be a player, visit the homepage and take the tour. This will give you a broad overview of the world. All you need to do then is select a background culture and come up with a character. If you need more information then you're likely to find it on the discussion board, otherwise e-mail me and we can discuss it. The world is a big place and we're nowhere near detailing it all, so if you have an idea we're open to suggestions.

We're systemless, there are no rules to learn. Pure and simple role-playing in a new world.