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Serene Lil

Picture by Eve Archambault. See more of her work here

On the waterfront in Llaza is an establishment that could be described as a "high class dive". Expensively furnished and turned out, yet home to some very dodgy customers.

The bar is named for its owner, a woman with the grandiose name of Lily of Serenity but she is more commonly known as Serene Lil. Lil is in her thirties and exotically attractive. Her ancestry is a mystery, her features a mix of the best parts of Nekuu, Ashara and Anhuine. Serene Lil lives up to her name: calm and unflappable, expensively dressed in the finest fabrics and always seen with an elegant long-stemmed pipe.

Word for those in the know is that Serene Lil can get you anything you want. From the more exotic pleasures that happen in the back-rooms of her bar, to smuggling, to hiring assassins, Serene Lil can help you out. Assuming that she likes and trusts you in the first place, otherwise you'll find she denies everything. Rumours in the Llaza underworld say that she is a fence for the Black River Society.

Secret knowledge:
Serene Lil owns lots of property in and around Llaza, under the cover of various false names and businesses. Some are legit, but most are covers for her illegal dealings. Some rumours say that she is "Father" of the Black River Society but most people don't believe this. Others say that she is their main rival, a freelancer living dangerously. Certainly the authorities know or suspect her activities but a mixture of bribery and blackmail has effectively hobbled their ability to do anything about her.

Lil is a neutral NPC for campaign use. She could help or hinder the players depending on how their goals intersect. Her main motivation is money. Lily of Serenity is an invention, a false persona created by a poor street girl who has decided to make something of herself, and learnt ruthlessness the hard way.

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