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Reflected Glory.
The Emperor lives in the golden-spired Palace of the Reflection of the Morning Sun, a sprawling edifice located within an enclosed valley. The only pass through the encircling mountains is protected by seven gate complexes (The Seven Bars of Heavenly Might). Access to the Palace is permitted only to the Imperial family, priesthood and certain high-ranking bureaucrats. Whole families of servants live out their entire lives within the Palace, and it is practically a city in itself.

Outside the gates is the capital city of the Empire, a commercial hub called Reflected Glory. Starting life as a collection of hostels for those seeking to petition the Emperor, Reflected Glory grew over the centuries to the crowded metropolis that it is today. The decay of the Empire has resulted in a shrinkage of the population from around one million to a few tens of thousands (and roughly one quarter of these are transients). Whole quarters of the city now lie abandoned, or home to gangs of thieves and bandits. Within the very heart of the Empire lurks corruption.

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