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Rolak Vertsin
Chairman of the Most Illustrious Guild of Longshoremen and Labourers.

A huge brute of a man despite his advancing years, he wears good quality and tasteful tailored clothes, but somehow they still look like he stole them off someone else's washing line. Originally from the poor quarter he started out as a boy working on the docks but through a combination of his fists and quick wits rose to prominence in the guild. His prizefighter's nose and thick accent (he can talk "proper" when he wants it's almost become an affectation not to) often fool people into looking down upon him but you cross him at your peril.

The Guild has a lot of power in the city, they can hold it to ransom if they go on strike, and thus prevent the trade which is Llaza's lifeblood. Rolak has made a pretty penny from bribery and extortion of local merchants and shipping companies and there are rumours that he is not above helping the Black River Society in smuggling and larceny.

In actual fact he is the brother of one of Llaza's most powerful Black River Society leaders.

Personalities of Llaza
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