The World of Conclave can roughly be divided into four regions, arranged concentrically from the centre outwards. These divisions represent steps along the scale between Concordance and Chaos.

Concordance is the defining principle of the world. It is strongest at the centre of the world, and the areas surrounding it. Concordance brings the most stable societies, with the strongest rule of law. It solidifies matter to give land rather than sea, and it chills the air to create a cool climate.

Chaos, on the other hand, is the creative principle of the world. The world stems from the raw possibilities of Chaos, but is shaped by the limitations of Concordance. Chaos is strongest at the fringes of the world. Where Chaos is strong, societies tend to be younger and less stable, or at least not bound by rules and hierarchy. Sea is more common than land, and the temperature is warmer. Reality is less clearly defined and so things become more dreamlike.

The Inner Continent
The largest single landmass on Conclave is the inner continent, known by the Empire of Splendour as "Perfection of Concordance", or just "Perfection". At its centre lies the frozen Central Glacier. The lands surrounding it are home to some of the oldest settled nations, mostly governed according to strict hierarchy and laws.

The Inner Islands
Near Perfection, the islands are large enough to support many different nations within their shores. These tend to be younger than the cultures of Perfection, although many were once part of the Empire of Splendour. The seas between these lands are also teeming with life.

The Outer Islands
The Outer Islands are smaller and further apart. They tend to be tropical in climate, and singular in culture. They cover a continuum from the relatively normal Corapeti to the highly fantastical Isle of Wyrm, home to dragons.

The Outer Continent
Unknown to inhabitants of the inner lands, there is a second continent at the northern edge of the world. Believed to have been formed from the body of a dying sun god, this land is hot and arid, with scorching interior inhospitable to humankind. Although the cultures here tend to be quite magical, the Concordant nature of the sun means that they are as complex and developed as those of the inner lands.

Herein are discussions on the heavenly bodies, the underworld, spirits, magic and other topics that are not defined by geography.