his section is for the background information, secret information, descriptions and resources for GMs to create scenarios, run campaigns and generally inhabit the world of Conclave.

Most of the sections connect to the Player's area too, since the main information is already there. What you will find here are the extras, the true facts, the hidden agendas. GMs are of course invited to create their own facets of Conclave and bring them along to the Discussion Forum.

If this is your first visit to this section, we suggest you click on the dragon and take the overview tour to get a feel for the structure of Conclave. If you want to get straight to a specific page, use the Quick Find Index below.

World Overview
Click here for World Overview: Physical and Magical Geography, General History and Background.

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Glossary of people, places and things

Places Culture Races
Organisations Tales and Legends Religion
Flora and Fauna People of Note
  • Ice Beasts
  • Manu
  • Narhemoths
  • Rargra Beasts
  • Thell Eagles

Discussion Forum

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