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Magister Painu, Master of the Mint
Dorash Painu is a well-known and important figure in Llaza. He is 60 years old and still in good shape. He was a physically powerful man in his youth, tall and imposing but has since shrunk a bit due to aging. He can still be very imposing when he wants, and his blue eyes under a mop of stark white hair can intimidate with a single glance.

Magister Painu was born in the small village of Apricot Trees about 70 miles from the City State of Llaza. His father was Magister-Administrator for the village and the son followed in his footsteps. Painu was brighter and keener than his father although he lacked focused ambition. His mind was drawn to all manner of things, both technological and magical but his true skill lay in understanding the underlying theories and patterns.

Painu is credited with inventing several mathematical theorums and with some inventions too. He helped improve the seaward defences of Llaza and it was his efforts here that bought him to the attention of the Council. The young Painu became the protégé of Magister Anarvin, a respected Leaguer and financier, and Painu found that his theoretical skill extended into finances too. For a long time Painu was content to work on his interests, under a pension from Anarvin and paid little interest to politics or the wider affairs of the world until the death of Anarvin put his future in jeopardy. It was then that he finally took on his Magisterial duties that he had been trained in as a youth and began to work his way up the League structure. From Magister-Administrator, through a spell as Magister-Judiciary he was eventually appointed Master of the Mint, charged with the duty of overseeing coin production, monitoring the Glassblower's Guild, managing the budget and tracking down counterfeiters.

Painu has pursued this duty with his characteristic gusto for the last ten years and yet somehow found time to indulge his favourite hobby, the study of magic. Painu is no great magician himself, little more than a dabbler if he has any power at all, but he is fascinated by magic and the theories of magic. If there is one thing where the underlying mechanism has eluded him, it is magic. Painu probably has as large a body of writings on the subject as the Loremasters of Thalsa, and through his studies he has become, at least tangentially, aware of both the Dark Sphere and the Followers of Vuul.

Painu is a major character who can be used in several ways. Most obviously, he makes a very good patron (for accomplished and efficient characters - Painu does not tolerate second best). Early adventures may involve tracking down counterfeiting gangs in Thievestown or rare manuscripts. Once the PCs have won his trust they may enter the world of sinister magical groups and be sent to investigate the Dark Sphere or Vuul. One of these groups may decide to put a premature end to Painu. From the other side of the fence, Painu would make a formidable adversary for roguish characters in Llaza. Although obviously not able to physically confront them himself he is almost certain to outguess their every move and send tough, competent hirelings after them.

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Apricot Trees
Apricot Trees is an unremarkable village of about fifty people. Its sole claim to fame is the high quality of its eponymous fruit, the reason for which is told in the local legend of Apricot Girl. An elderly couple found her inside an apricot kernel after wishing for a child of their own. They raised her and looked after despite many close scrapes with cats, birds and so on. When she was an adult, the tiny Apricot Girl revealed herself as an Immortal and repaid the kindness of her parents by making their orchard forever fruitful. There is a small shrine to Apricot Girl in the village, showing her stepping out of a kernel. To maintain her blessing the villagers make small offerings at the shrine, dressing her statue in "her genuine clothes" every year and not allowing cats in the village.