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Gorshan Reniq Astavar, Owner of Gorshan Press
The elusive owner of Gorshan Press and publisher of The Green Dragon, Astavar is a man seen by few, living alone in his isolated island house with a household staff comprised solely of vugs. He is a man about whom many rumours circulate, but few know the truth.

Gorshan Reniq Astavar is actually a green-skinned Atala human called Ik Flim. Flim was once a minor businessman from the Island of Or who became engaged in running guns to lands like Llaza and the Ashoyin Protectorate. His partner in crime was an unscrupulous army quartermaster called Gar Zembik. Zembik would steal the guns, Film would get them out of the country. The government of Or dislikes its alchemical wonders to be sold to outsiders and tracked the gun-runners down. Flim escaped whilst his partner was caught and punished.

Flim took with him several casks of Orrian fire-powder and other rare alchemical ingredients, as well as most of the money accrued from gun-running. He started a new life in Llaza, using Orrian engineering knowledge to build his printing press and his ill-gotten gains to fund it. The technology in the press is not obviously Orrian, and since it is not a product of alchemy it has so far evaded the notice of the Orrian government and their "Retrievers".

Flim, however, is paranoid and hunted, hence his secrecy. Atala are not unknown in Llaza, but uncommon enough that he would provoke comment. For twenty years he has stored his alchemical powders, afraid to sell them in case word should get back to the authorities on Or.

Ranasha Qin
Flim's link to the outside world, Ranasha was a street girl who Flim funded through education and Butterfly training. She owes him her life and freedom and is extremely loyal to him, refusing to reveal his secrets to outsiders (she doesn't know about his past as Ik Flim, however). Although rumour appends a sexual motive to Flim's attentions, he is more like a father figure. Having risen from nothing himself, it pleases him to help others in the same way.

It is likely, however, that he cynically cultivated her loyalty to allow him to operate in relative secrecy. The main thing that motivates Flim is money. Ranasha would excuse Flim's past if she discovered it, but not that he has used her.

There are numerous possibilities for adventure from Flim and the Green Dragon.

  • The small ads in the Green Dragon are an excellent resource for planting adventure seeds, as well as providing on-going background information.

  • The offices of Gorshan Press on Broadway may become the target for rival printers or disgruntled scribes of the Nine Brush Company. Player characters may be called upon to guard the premises, or to attack it, or become involved in an intelligence gathering function.

  • Various radical factions in Llaza would be interested to learn that Gorshan has explosive powder in his house (the Red Sword for one). Depending on the players' allegiances they may either be hired to break in, or prevent a break in. Meanwhile, the authorities of Or have tracked down Gorshan and choose the same night to launch an attack of their own, giving plenty of scope for sneaking around bumping into assassins from different places. Flim's former partner, Zembik the army quartermaster, might also return with an axe to grind to add another layer to the mix.

  • As an alternative, Gorshan's reclusive nature can be exploited by someone else who needs a cover to hide behind. Flim is kidnapped or murdered, and a high-ranking member of an organisation like the Dark Sphere, or Followers of Vuul takes his place. That organisation then has access to Gorshan's resources like his money and Orrian alchemy.

    The players can be brought in by Ranasha, who may notice that something is amiss, and this could place her in jeopardy too.

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