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Ambassador Lyran, Representative of the Great Trunk Mother in Llaza
A 30 year old Salsham'ai, about 2 1/2 feet tall, with light brown skin and slightly darker hair and eyes. She tends to wear rather grander versions of traditional costume, heavily embroidered tunics and exquisitely dyed fur lined ponchos, reflecting her status, often decorated with amber and precious stones. She also has the disconcerting habit of riding her personal matoo directly into meetings with humans and other larger species to counteract the height disadvantage. Bomboo is a very well behaved and polite matoo, content to sit and chew on a sugar-root without making a mess or noise - however a few secret signals from Lyran and he can fidget and murmur to himself which will usually disconcert the most implacable negotiator.

She is a close relative of the GTM and served as her personal clerk for several years before being sent to work for the previous Ambassador in Llaza. She has been in the post for the last five years. She is intelligent, witty, broad minded and patient - well-suited to dealing with the often exasperating machinations of the League.

She has many friends and contacts throughout the city and is generally well liked and respected. Even her enemies acknowledge that she is honourable and fair. She is also a regular visitor to the Viceroy's private Dragon Scales game, which is usually held once a month and is nominally a social occasion but where there is lots of wheeling and dealing going on.

She has her office and apartments in one of the stilt houses built in Little Thalsa and while it is still a bit cramped for human visitors it is designed on a larger size than most Salsham'ai accommodation as a concession to the many non Salsham'ai visitors she receives. She has a small honour guard from the Salsham'ai military and several clerks and servants.

Her primary duty is to represent the GTM and Salsham'ai trading interests, however the strong Salsham'ai sense of family responsibility extends to the ex-pat community in Llaza, even though most are officially citizens of the city. She therefore often represents the Little Thalsa community on civic occasions and will strive to help all Salsham'ai in Llaza whether residents or visitors.

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