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Tibra's Crossing
Tibra's Crossing is a small settlement at a fordable section of the Far Anhui River atop a handy nearby hill.

Originally it was a supply post during the Empire's punitive raids into Tlaxu territory, and subsequent ill-fated attack on Vaarta. A pre-fabricated wooden palisade fort stood on the hill but this has long since been taken down. The origin's of the name are unknown to most, but stem from the Quartermaster posted at the fort during the invasion. To most soldiers he was a more important figure than the commander and so his name stuck.

After the war, the Far Anhui regions were given as land grants to returning veterans. For one thing they were the only land the Empire could (or wanted to) spare. For another, having a high concentration of military trained folk on the frontier provided a useful buffer zone. Tibra's Crossing became a handy market point.

These days it is run by the League, and guarded by a detachment of mercenaries from Beltavia Keep, including a squadron of Hetmen cavalry. Some of the more "advanced" Tlaxu tribes come here to trade for metal items. Officially the League frowns upon supplying weapons to the cat-men. Unofficially it appreciates the income, and the hope is that by showing the Tlaxu the benefits of civilisation they can be "tamed".

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