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The Llaza Racecourse
The racecourse is located on the mainland caravan grounds, near the causeway that carries Broadway. Racing takes place nearly all year round, except during the heart of the wet season when the ground gets too soggy. All kinds of species race, horses, dogs, matoos, large birds and many others, including humans and other sentients who may be slaves or not. Races can be single species or mixed. Chariots and other vehicle races also take place.

The racecourse itself consists of a large packed earth arena, which can be marked out in various ways for different races, with jumps and obstacles, bends and twists. For example a matoo race might consist of a short sprint, climbing obstacles, swing ropes, a pit and tightrope and finally another sprint. The arena is large enough for 2 or three races to be going on at once. The main stand is a magnificent wooden structure and houses the (former) Imperial Box, the "Enclosure" for the rich and important, refreshment areas, weighing room etc. The stands around the other sides are less glamorous but functional. Various stables, training grounds etc. are found roundabout. All kinds of people can be found milling around the place, bookies, tipsters, trainers and owners, gamblers, aristocrats, jockeys, stablehands, punters, pie-sellers, ale-sellers, pickpockets, thieves and thugs etc.

The highlight of the year is the "Viceroy's Cup", which takes place at midsummer. It takes up the whole arena and consists of not only sprinting but obstacles like the tower (where the rider has to dismount and run up a tower to collect a coloured scarf), the pond (where the rider has to dive into a temporary pool to collect a coloured stone, avoiding the baby alligators), the wolfpit (immediately after the pond you have to swing across a pit of hungry wolves - slippy hands don't help), blades (large swinging pendulum blades) and many others. The objective is to collect 10 items along the way and be first past the post with them. You cannot take someone else's prize off them until the last section, known as Last Chance Alley, which is a straight sprint of about 200 yards. Weapons are not allowed although you are allowed to use any materials on the racecourse to improvise.

Anyone can enter the race on any mount (or without one) and the reward is a very high sum, enough to buy a small estate. As it is an extremely gruelling race, with many hazards, including magical ones, the usual turn out is about 20-25.

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